We took the backroads and did the Route de Napoleon before banging back on the toll roads. As we were late for the ferry we decided to ‘up the ante.’

Unfortunately, I got pinged by a speed camera. I have now got a letter saying I was doing 145kph in a 130kph zone and that if I was the rider I need to pay the fine.

I have been on various online forums, etc., and loads of people have said don’t bother dealing with it and chuck it in the bin. They say the French authorities can’t come after me. Are they right?


“Hello, my name’s Gary, I have a GCSE in Religious Studies, don’t have a job but I’m a legal expert on EU law.” That sounds sarcastic, but this is a good example of the dangers of the internet.

Legally, the French authorities can come after you because of the ‘EU Cross-Border Enforcement Directive’. There are the mechanisms to get your home address details, etc., from your registration plate; send you a fine to pay; and pursue through the courts if you don’t pay it.

However, the French authorities can’t get points endorsed on your UK licence as they were not the EU state who issued it.

Andrew ‘Chef’ Prendergast

Motorcycle Monthly June 2019