I nearly stayed on, but the bike snaked and I ended up stacking it into a ditch. I think the dealer had forgotten to fill up the drive shaft with oil and it seized, as my mate couldn’t get the wheel to turn when he picked it up from the scene of the accident and loaded it into his van.

The next day my wife called the dealer (I was still in hospital with a broken leg and broken wrist). However, the dealer basically fobbed her off and said it was probably my fault. What should I do?


Evidence, evidence, evidence. Do not let the bike go anywhere. I suspect you may well have a claim against the dealer for providing negligent service.

However, you have to prove the negligent service caused you to fall off ,so you will need an expert to look at the bike and provide a report. If s/he confirms why the wheel seized up, and that was down to the dealer not refilling the drive shaft with oil, etc. then you will be able to sue the dealer for your losses.

Andrew ‘Chef’ Prendergast

Motorcycle Monthly May 2019