However, as I was alongside the bus I realised there was a traffic island with a ‘Keep Left’ bollard. At this point I decided I had no choice but to ‘go right’, otherwise I would have hit the traffic island or get squashed by the bus.

Unfortunately, there was an unmarked police car behind me, that tagged me about a mile up the road. To be fair, he was an old-school copper, told me not to be a muppet and sent me on my way after we had a good chinwag about my Urban Tiger Fireable (the original version!). However, if he hadn’t been a bike nut himself, what could I have been done for?


Whilst the Police get some bad press, most do a good job, in my experience. As usual, it’s the minority that give the rest a bad name.

As for this ‘old-school’ copper, perhaps at a push he could have nicked you for Dangerous Driving if there was evidence your riding fell so far below the standard of the reasonable rider.

However, if no one was effected by your ‘cheeky overtake’, I suspect the CPS wouldn’t have prosecuted you for Dangerous, but instead gone after you for failing to follow a Keep Left sign, contrary to S.36 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. If convicted, there are no penalty points, but a fine of up to £1000. All in all, it was good Mr ‘Old-school’ Copper was dazzled by your ’Blade!

Andrew ‘Chef’ Prendergast

Motorcycle Monthly April 2019