After I left his house, I ran into the back of a car whilst riding my ZX6R. I believe it was the driver’s fault, because she braked too early for some traffic lights, which were on amber.

As the conversation turned heated, someone rang the Police. Even though I claimed the accident was her fault, I ended up getting nicked as I failed a roadside drugs test.

I’m now off to court. I personally think they should legalise weed. I am happy to tell the Court that, and as I’m a long-time user, it has no effect. Do you think this will help? I really can’t afford to lose my licence.


I don’t mean to sound too preachy, but seriously? You smoke weed. You get on your bike. You crash into the rear of a car. Then you blame the driver. Now you want to tell the Court it’s alright because you have smoked weed for years.

For drug driving you will be losing your licence for at least 12 months as a minimum. Depending on other factors, the Court has the power to order a massive fine, or send offenders to prison. My advice is get a solicitor sooner rather than later to give you full advice and try to mitigate the level of sentence.

Andrew ‘Chef’ Prendergast

Motorcycle Monthly March 2019