However, I’ve received a Notice of Intended Prosecution for dangerous driving after posting online videos of me doing burnouts and wheelies.

I gave someone else’s name so I wouldn’t get done and now the Police want to interview me. I can go ‘no comment’ in the interview, but I’m worried I’ll lose my bike licence.

What do you think as I really need my bike for college and work?


Posting videos of you committing crimes is beyond stupid. Leaving aside the dangerous riding, lying when replying to the Notice may well result in you being prosecuted for perverting the course of justice; this carries a custodial sentence if you are convicted.

It’s a case of text book ‘dangerous driving’ and if the CPS can prove that your riding fell below what’s expected from a competent, careful rider and riding that way would be dangerous, then a court will convict you – a minimum 12 months disqualification, plus you could be locked-up for up to 24 months.

DO NOT attend interview without legal representation. You’ll be entitled to a free solicitor for a Police interview, so get one to advise on the evidence they actually have against you and what you should do moving forwards.

Andrew ‘Chef’ Prendergast

On 2 Wheels December 2018