1. Are they legal to be worn in U.K., would the wearing of one adversely affect a claim in the event of a collision?
  2. Am insured currently with Carol Nash, are you a firm they do/will employ? Personally I hope I will never need you, no offence 🙂

Thanks in advance

From Christopher via Facebook

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for contacting us. I will answer your questions in turn below.

  1. If a lid doesn’t meet the UK standards it is not a legal lid in the Uk. Depending on what happened in the accident, the injuries sustained and the claim being sought I could see Defendants trying to raise it as an argument. Whether they would succeed is another matter. If it were me, I would wear a UK legal lid. There are literally hundreds to choose from. Why risk your head? You only get one!
  2. On a professional note, I hope you never need us. It usually means something has gone wrong. We are not a “panel” solicitor for Carol Nash. In fact, we are not on anyone’s “panel” and are fiercely independent from all insurers. However, if you have an accident, you can contact us directly, if you want to. It’s a popular misconception that you have to use your insurers solicitor. You don’t. If you’re injured, it’s your claim and you can use who you want. That can be the insurance appointed solicitor, a local high street solicitor, or a specialist firm like mine.

I would add that I have made a living taking over cases from insurer appointed solicitors and sorting them out when they have gone wrong.

I hope that help.

Safe riding

Andrew Prendergast – Managing Partner

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