Unfortunately, the only thing that got dumped was me whilst attempting to squeeze between a bus and a van in front of me in lanes one and two. I wasn’t going too quick (about 40mph in a 30mph limit). However, the road narrowed at this point and I ended up as the piece of meat in a metal sandwich wedged between the two and then falling off. I’m gutted; my motorbike is trashed.

I shouted at both of them that they should check their mirrors until the policeman told me to calm down. I’ve taken his details as well, so I can make a complaint. I told them all filtering is legal. Who can I sue? The bus or van driver?


Both the van driver and the bus driver were established in their lanes, presumably proceeding on their merry way until you ploughed into them. The only person to blame for ruining your summer is you.

While filtering is legal it doesn’t mean you can just do it everywhere. You tried to squeeze through a gap that wasn’t there. Everyone makes mistakes, but shouting at others doesn’t make you right.

My advice? Suck it up buttercup. And whatever you do, don’t put in a complaint about the copper, as it sounds like he did you a favour by not nicking you.

Andrew ‘Chef’ Prendergast

O2W legal column September 2018