Takeaway my licence

Takeaway my licence

I picked up my CMX500 Rebel a couple of months ago. I do a bit of takeaway delivering and was taking a short cut down the local high street the wrong way (it’s one way) to beat the traffic.

I then got nicked by a ‘hobby bobby’ (Special Constable). He was not too happy with my suggestion that he wasn’t a proper policeman; he said my riding was shocking and shouted at me.

I now have a court summons for dangerous driving. I accept I rode my motorbike the wrong way down a one-way road, but no-one was there apart from two cars who pulled out of the way – so no harm done. Also the policeman shouldn’t have shouted at me and I want the court to know that. Can I defend this?


Firstly, the ‘hobby bobby’ as you call him is a ‘proper policeman’, whatever you say. He was well within his rights to nick you in my view. You have been an imbecile by riding the wrong way along a one-way road. It’s lucky no one got hurt. It is completely illegal and textbook ‘dangerous driving’ on your own evidence. The only ‘takeaway’ that will be happening will be that of your licence.

Dangerous driving carries with it at least a compulsory 12 month disqualification. You should be pleading guilty and putting forward mitigation to try and obtain the most lenient sentence possible.

Andrew ‘Chef’ Prendergast

On 2 Wheels June 2018

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  1. First thing you do when you get stopped for doing something wrong is be polite, apologise and make polite conversation. Getting off and insulting the guy after you have been riding like an idiot is just asking to have your licence taken away. Over the years I have been stopped a few times for speeding, sometimes excessively and most times I have either gotten let off or been taken to court but for a lesser speed than actually happened. All that because I remained polite and held my hands up.

  2. John FaulknerSeptember 15, 2018

    Oh come on Chef this cannot be for real????

    1. Andrew PrendergastSeptember 17, 2018

      Hi Mr Faulkner- I hope all is well in the world. Alas, this is for real. The majority of people I speak to each day are decent, “normal” people. However, some are like this chap.

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