As I followed my mate around a tight right hand bend, my front end washed out and I low sided. I ended up with a fractured ankle, a torn cruciate ligament in my knee and have been off work for two months.

Who can I sue for injuries as it wasn’t my fault? Someone on a forum said the Motor Insurer’s Bureau have to pay.


You sir are a doughnut. It sounds like you should have kept to the track rather than ragging around on public roads at nearly twice the speed limit. To be blunt, you can’t sue anyone as no one has done anything wrong (apart from you).

With regards to the Motor Insurers Bureau, every time a motorist pays motor insurance some of that money goes into a big pot they use to pay out to insured motorists who have had an accident caused by an untraced driver (as well as uninsured drivers).

However, they will only pay out if someone can prove the accident was an untraced driver’s fault i.e. if s/he can prove s/he fell off on diesel or gravel etc. left by an untraced motorist.

Andrew ‘Chef’ Prendergast

Motorcycle Monthly

July 2018