As my brother was away for a month I took his Ninja 300 to the shops to blow out the cobwebs. I stopped at T-Junction and the next thing a van pulled up.

The sliding door opened and three blokes jumped out wielding hammers. One pushed me off the Kwak. With that they picked the bike up and one rode off.

The remaining two men jumped back in the van just as I was trying to get up off the floor. I am grateful I didn’t get hurt. However, my insurer has advised I was only covered to ride my brother’s Kwak third party only. As it was stolen they reckon I’m not covered. That can’t be right can it as I have fully comp on the Street Triple?


I hate thieving scrotes. They are utter scum who have had a morality bypass. However, leaving my anger aside, I’m glad you are here in one piece. Bikes can be replaced but people aren’t always as lucky.

As for your insurer, I’m afraid it sounds like they are correct. It is commonplace to be able to ride other bikes that you do not own on a third party basis under your own fully comp policy.

Therefore, if you have not insured the risk of your brother’s bike getting nicked while you’re riding it (double check your policy just in case) I’m afraid your insurer is correct. I genuinely wish I could give you different advice.

Andrew ‘Chef’ Prendergast

Motorcycle Monthly April 2018