One of my favourite bikes was a generation one CBR600RR; I don’t know what it was about that bike but I loved it. Handled well, went like stink when it was revving hard enough and the sound. Oh the sound. I mean, mine did have a comedy loud Scorpion can on it but I loved it. My neighbours didn’t.

I then grew up and got a ZZR1400 so it is fair to say I am used to having bags of power on tap at all times. The big Kwak is fast. Really, really fast and I love it.

Yamaha R6 motorbike Performance

Perhaps this tainted my view of the R6. Perhaps I have got lazy and just love the linear power delivery of the big Kwak; I don’t know but I found the R6 really difficult to get off the line. It was not as ‘fun’ as my old CBR600RR. Don’t get me wrong, when it got going… it really went! This is a 160mph sports bike after all.

Yamaha R6 Styling

I love the matt black paint. The evil LED running lights and the single HID style headlight is surprisingly good at letting drivers know you are there. The general response was to move aside. This is a good looking bike.

Yamaha R6 Handling

I managed to take mine all the way down to the South Coast and motorway work was not bad. You do get buffeted around a fair bit but this is to be expected. The fairing gives limited protection in comparison to my ZZR1400 but it is similar to my Fireblade.

Get off the motorway and hit the twisty roads; this is where this machine belongs. Great fun was had. It is nimble. More nimble than my ‘Blade and way more rev happy than it too. The best thing is you can rev the nuts of this 600 and not end up in jail as a result. This is good.

Review of the Yamaha R6 motorbike – Recommendation?

Would I recommend one to you? Absolutely, but get an aftermarket exhaust. This bike is really fun but I think Euro 4 has chopped its nuts off a little and that angry growl is now a kitten’s purr. Call me old fashioned but I like my sports bikes to sound angry when they’re being used as intended. This is the only addition I would make to this great little 600.

Now, off I go to read my latest copy of Fast Bikes and wait for Spring…

Gavin Grewal