Now bear in mind I had stopped and I got rear-ended you would think I was due an apology. However, she got out and went mental and said her ‘Little Henry’ could have been killed (he was in the back dressed in football kit) and that she would see me in court.

As she trashed the back of my bike and I fell off and broke my arm I have started a claim against her. However, her insurer has responded saying that I reversed into her at speed and fell off.

Yes, reversed! I have seen a statement from her saying she saw my reversing lights flash on and it was my fault. I was gobsmacked. What do I do now?


I personally have only seen someone stupid enough to allege this a few times in my career. In response, my advice is to issue court proceedings as soon as possible and put the matter before a judge at trial if need be.

I suspect the judge will do their biscuit if ‘football mum’ rocks up at court to lie about your reverse geared motorbike along with its reversing lights. In fact I would pay good money to watch the pantomime.

However, I suspect it won’t get that far once her insurer appoints a ‘grown up’ solicitor who knows how ridiculous the argument is and they will likely settle sooner rather than later.

Andrew Prendergast

Motorcycle Monthly December 2017