I crashed after trying to get past some proper slow idiot on a bend. I went to go past and lost the rear end. It then gripped again and high-sided me off. If the slowboat hadn’t been there I would have been on the perfect racing line.

It kicked off after I threatened to beat him up for being useless. I tried to claim on my fully comp insurance for my bike but they told me I wasn’t covered. Is that right? If so, can I sue the organiser for letting useless people on the track?


Breaking your leg is never fun so I wish you a speedy recovery. However, there is no one to bring a claim against in this scenario as the accident was your fault. You were an experienced rider, knew the risks and went out on the track knowing the score.

You can’t sue someone else for being slower than you on a race track and being on the “racing line”. As for your insurer, if you haven’t insured the risk of taking your bike on a track and crashing, then you are not covered for the damage and they are not liable to pay.

Andrew ‘Chef’ Prendergast

Motorcycle Monthly August 2017