I then got nicked by a booby on the beat. He had run after me. He was a wee bit sweaty and out of breath when he caught up with me and didn’t respond too kindly to my suggestion he should keep in better shape.

I also may have called him a fat knacker (but no-one witnessed that – tee-hee!). He said my riding was appalling and went mental shouting at me. I now have a court summons for dangerous driving.

I accept I rode on the curb but noone was there apart from two young lads who just hopped out of the way so one got hurt. Also the policeman shouldn’t have shouted at me and I want the court to know that. Can I defend this?


Poking a big angry bear will only make it angrier in my experience. Should the bear aka Mr Policeman have been angry in the first place? In my view, yes.

You utter idiot. You rode on the path, that is illegal and it is ‘dangerous’ on your own evidence. Dangerous driving carries with it at least a compulsory 12 month disqualification from driving.

You should be pleading guilty and putting forward mitigation to try and obtain the most lenient sentence possible. As for pizza delivery, time to get some bicycle shorts; you’re about to get fitter.

Andrew ‘Chef’ Prendergast

Motorcycle Monthly August 2017