Our day began with a classroom session before we hit the road. I had my trusty ZZR1400 and was followed by one of Surrey Police’s new BMW R1200RT marked police bikes. Big, comfortable and powerful and piloted by none other than one of the Bald Bearded Bikers.

It is usual to go out in groups of two riders to one police motorcyclist. I was paired up with another chap on his commuter motorcycle and the three of us headed down through the South Downs National Park close to the South Coast.

Took a bit of getting used to having a marked police bike and rider in your rear view mirror; especially when stretching the legs on the ZZR! We had a good mix of long sweeping bends and more technical twisty stuff.

Getting lost briefly in Petworth was fun; an absolutely beautiful little village which I will have to re-visit with the other half on a sunny day.

The entire South Down is lovely and I didn’t appreciate how beautiful and fun the roads are. Really recommend a ride out if you are too used to the Chilterns or Cotswolds.

We took turns to be monitored by our Police rider and got feedback on our riding style and skill; where we could improve and just generally how to be a better and more fluid rider. You never can learn too much when it comes to riding in my opinion.

£50.00 well spent and you get lunch included, lots of literature and some snazzy freebies in your take home doggy bag – don’t wait just book yourself onto a course now!

Gavin Grewal

Solicitor & Partner at White Dalton