Thankfully no one got hurt. However I did my nut as it dented the tank and broke a foot peg. The recovery driver said it’s one of those things as bikes are tricky to strap down and told me to claim off my insurance. That can’t be right can it?


No, that’s not right. The numpty driver is full of it. This sort of thing properly annoys me. He was providing a service, he executed it poorly and now you have a battered bike.

I am firmly of the view that if you make a mistake (as we all do because we’re human) take responsibility, apologise and try to rectify it. In your case the solution is getting your bike fixed. If the repair company won’t deal with it then you may have no choice but to issue court proceedings and put it before a judge.

Andrew ‘Chef’ Prendergast

Motorcycle Monthly June 2016