Pigs on the run

Pigs on the run

I was on my daily commute to work on a dual carriageway when a pig (yes a pig!) escaped through the farmer’s old broken fence and ran straight out in front of me causing me to swerve, crash into the central reservation and fall off. Not my best day out ever.

Now I’m not one to ‘ham it up’ and luckily my Hornet isn’t too trashed, but I did break my wrist. Can I claim? I can’t possibly sue a pig can I? By the way I am not telling any ‘porky pies’ – this really happened. The pig was a prize sow called Patricia and she had escaped the week before! Lastly, I apologise for the puns.


Firstly, I think you should be able to ‘bring home the bacon’ on this one. The scene in my mind is like mixing Babe with the Sweeney. I wish you could sue the pig directly butI don’t know how she would give evidence in court. Would she put her trotter on the bible? I digress.

Yes you can bring a claim so long as you can prove who owned Patricia. In essence, the owner has a duty to keep their animals properly secured etc. and if they didn’t they will be ordered by a court to compensate you for your losses. As for paying them, it is entirely plausible Patricia’s owner may be insured and they will pay. If not, her owner would be ordered to pay.

Andrew ‘Chef’ Prendergast

Motorcycle Monthly May 2016

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