I popped an epic wheelie through a 30mph limit in a village and we were all riding fast i.e. 80mph plus. Long story short is we didn’t know we were being followed by the police. We all got stopped and I have been summoned to court for dangerous driving and speeding.

I accept I was speeding but want to argue the wheelie was down to the fact I had a new powerful bike. I wasn’t used to it and it wasn’t my fault. Will this work? If I lose my licence I will lose my job as I’m an HGV driver.


Are you as enthusiastic about riding bicycles? I ask because that will be the only legal way you will be travelling on two wheels for a while. We have all done stupid things but do you really want to tell the court you were riding a motorbike that was too powerful for you to handle? Behave! It only makes you look even more dangerous.

A wheelie on a public road is classic dangerous driving as the manner of the riding falls “far below what would be expected of a competent and careful rider” Doing it through a village only aggravates matters. My advice is man-up, accept you have been a muppet and start looking for a new job as a minimum of a 12 month ban is coming your way.

Andrew ‘Chef’ Prendergast

Motorcycle Monthly March 2016