Now you have stopped laughing (I accept it would have been a YouTube hit) do I have a claim? The ice I hit was because water had come from a car wash and then frozen on the road. Can you sue someone due to the weather?


As a rotund middle age man myself, you have my absolute sympathy (honest). No doubt the first thing you tried to do was get up before anyone saw you. That’s what I did after I once rode into the back of a stationary bus on my C90 in my younger days!

Anyway, after you’ve stopped laughing at me you do have a claim as it was a “foreseeable risk” that water from a car wash could freeze on the road and cause an accident. You can claim against the owner of the car wash for your personal injury and losses. Evidence will be essential in this case so make sure you have photographs/video etc. of the offending car wash leaking water.

Andrew ‘Chef’ Prendergast

Motorcycle Monthly March 2016