The Old Bill has said it’s not my fault and I have a friendly, favourable witness. However, I am super worried as the driver was from Germany. Is this a problem?


Practically, it is not as straightforward to bring a claim against a foreign driver as a UK driver but it is far from impossible. European road traffic insurers will have a UK representative and helpfully there is a database so you can track down them down.

The most important information to keep a record of is probably the registration number of the vehicle. Armed with that you can find out who insured the vehicle and crack on with progressing a claim through the UK representative. Thereafter, it depends on the stance the third party/their insurer takes i.e. if they deny liability etc.

However, because the accident happened in England, court proceedings can be started here, but I strongly advise you to get a solicitor who is used to dealing with foreign parties, as it can get pretty complicated.

Andrew ‘Chef’ Prendergast

Motorcycle Monthly