…but it’s nowhere near as effective as die-hard fans of day-glo (which include many judges) might think.

You have secondary problems that go with high visibility: namely being mistaken fora copper. Car drivers do strange things if they think you’re a policeman, such as dropping to 15mph below the speed limit or braking suddenly. They’ll drive like numpties. I’ve seen drivers put their tyres into the kerb and bounce off it because they’re so keen for a hi-vis biker to get past them.

9 Ways to stay visible. Andrew Dalton knows what makes riders stand out, here are his survival secrets

Do this

Be prepared for drivers to think a rider in a day-glo jacket and white helmet must be a copper. Few police riders wear day-glo on their civilian bikes for this very reason.

Don’t do this

Assume the public can tell the difference between a Panigale and a Pan European – if you’re day-glo, you’re police.

Next week: Tip 2 – Make some lateral movements

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