There was mucho screaming on my part, a severe wobble and I crashed into another car (causing damage) and fell off. The CX500 looks pretty much the same i.e. battered but injury wise I have broken my wrist and have a burn on my chest. Is this too random for me to claim?


It’s good to hear the CX500 rat is unharmed in this ‘random’ act. As for whether you are the most unlucky biker in the world I think you may get shortlisted for an award.

However, I did see a video of a man being chased by an elephant while riding his moped so I don’t think you would win.

In short, the first ‘link’ in the ‘chain’ of causation is down to Mr HGV driver. If he hadn’t dropped his fag then you wouldn’t have fallen off. You can bring a claim against him for your losses and so can the owner of the car.

Andrew ‘Chef’ Prendergast

Motorcycle Monthly