To date the dealer has sorted all the issues until the latest disaster when all the electrics failed at night as I went around a corner. I lost control, mounted a curb and stacked it through a pub window.

I have totalled the bike and broken my leg. Luckily I have got it all caught on a head-cam video. Since then the dealer doesn’t want to know and said it was a cheap Chinese import so it’s not his problem and I should sue the manufacturer in China. Help!


The dealer is full of it. People like this bloody annoy me. They want your money and don’t want to deal with it when it goes belly up.

Thankfully most dealers I’ve met aren’t like this. Without getting too legal, you have purchased a bike (it doesn’t matter that was ‘cheap’) and it should be safe and fit for purpose. Having the electrics failing is not cricket and no wonder your rectum tightened up!

Personally I think I would have gone the other way and needed new leathers. As for a way forward, if the dealer is sticking to his position DO NOT let the bike out of your sight until it is inspected by a qualified engineer.

Evidence is going to be the key so you will have to prove to a judge that “on the balance of probabilities” the scooter was faulty and this caused the accident. Because the dealer is in England you can take him to court. Keep that head-cam video safe as it will be crucial and get some legal representation.

Andrew Prendergast

Motorcycle Monthly June 2015