Speeding with a foreign licence

Speeding with a foreign licence

I live and work in England but have a French motorcycle licence. I was caught speeding to work on my MT-09 the other morning; as it was early and no one was around, I was caning it and got clocked doing 98mph in a 30mph zone.

I must admit I had been going quicker, making progress past the slow commuters – the policeman reckoned he had to chase me for two miles before I stopped.

While I did see him in my mirrors, I thought I could get away. When he caught up with me he went mental and told me I was riding like a lunatic. I told him he could f*** off and there is nothing he can do to me as I had a French licence.

Is this correct or am I in serious trouble? I would happily pay a fine but can’t lose my licence as I need it for work.


Firstly, spanners like you give the rest of the biking world a bad name. Loads of bikers like to test their skills, myself included, but at those speeds you can expect to be summoned to Court. In all likelihood it will be dangerous driving from what you have said.

If convicted, the minimum you can expect is to be disqualified from driving in the UK for 12 months. At worst you will get two years in prison. That’s in addition to a fine of upto £5000. As for having a French licence and being cocky, I have one word for you… unlucky.

You should have got your facts right before gobbing off. In short, as you were driving in the UK, the UK law applies. While an English Court can’t revoke your French licence (as it is issued by another country) the English court can disqualify you from driving in the UK and/or lock you up etc. as applicable. You may want to get your wash bag ready and get legal advice once the Court summons lands on your doorstep.

Andrew “Chef” Prendergast

Motorcycle Monthly December 2014

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