GPZ300 Prize Draw Number w/c 12 September 2014

GPZ300 Prize Draw Number w/c 12 September 2014

The winning number is displayed on our website from 5pm every Friday and changes each week. The number(s) for the week commencing 12 September 2014

151694 & 146634

These numbers will change 5pm on 19th September 2014 so if you have the lucky number you must show the card to us before 5pm on 19th September 2014 to claim the motorcycle. Alternatively you can claim the motorcycle by phoning us with your details as long as you have pre-registered your card. Full rules of the draw can be found by clicking here.

We have a winner!

Allan from East Sussex came up trumps with the winning number and now the proud owner of a brand new GPZ300. Allan has 12 prize draw cards dating back to around 2005 and has been checking every Friday for the last 9 years.

Apart from winning a pub quiz when he was younger, where he had to give the prize away as he was under age, he hasn’t won anything before. Allan says the bike might possibly go to his wife as he already has a CCM35.

Remember to keep checking your prize draw cards every week to see if you have won a prize bike!

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