The driver stopped and we exchanged details, but in all honesty no harm was done to the bike and I was all right thankfully. I thought no more about it until I was called and told by some random company that they could help me, and there was compensation waiting for me. I then got about half a dozen texts telling me there was money waiting and I needed to act.

While I know I’m not hurt and the bike is okay, should I claim? Is there money waiting for me? It seems morally wrong but I could do with the cash to pay for our holiday this summer. Also, even though I am not claiming, do I need to tell my insurance company?


It sounds like some unscrupulous scumbag has passed your details on to this company which reckons it can help you. It makes my blood boil that people’s private information is not treated properly. Despite assertions by this company that you are entided to compensation, it is a long established legal principle that compensation is to put you back in the same place you were, but before the accident. Therefore, as you state you and the bike were fine, there is no loss to claim – as such, you are not entilted to any compensation. To claim when you and your bike are fine would be fraudulent in my opinion. Anyone who advises you otherwise is a liar at worst; or misguided/stupid at best.

It’s likely your insurance has a clause which requires you to report any accident. If you do not it could invalidate your insurance.

Andrew Prendergast

Motorcycle Monthly August 2014