We have become aware of one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers making a recent recall notice for its well-known sports bike. Whilst it is quite usual to see such recall notices’ we have received calls from motorcyclists who say they have been injured as a result of work being carried out incorrectly.

This particular recall notice is made in relation to the brakes. However, as is common, a lot of sports bikes have an aftermarket part fitted and therein lays the problem. It appears from the multiple calls we have received that dealers have been fixing a known fault but without noting that aftermarket parts had been fitted. The result is that the motorbike brakes either stick, drag or lock on causing accidents.

At this stage we are unable to publish the manufacturer or precise motorcycle affected as it will shortly be the subject of litigation.

If you have any queries or you think you may have been affected please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 783 6191 or by email, Facebook or Twitter.