London is in a valley, and it can become unbearably hot as the tall buildings soak up the heat all morning and then pump it out during the afternoon.

Track-style leathers are not a brilliant idea in London. Most of us went with a compromise of kit. Kevlar jeans, comfy boots with some protection and Cordura/mesh jackets were the winning combination for us, but we were riding in a heatwave.

I was riding in mesh kit and I was sweating. Two of the female pillions were in unlined Gore-Tex, and both of them were becoming very hot and bothered.

Pre-frozen water in top boxes was a life saver, and a sprayer of ice cold water kept in the cool bag along with the frozen water was really useful at losing heat when sprayed on skin, but for most of the year carrying this would be a waste of space.

Part 3, Courier riding secrets, combat biking in London

Andrew Dalton
RiDE Magazine
November 2013 Issue