It’s the Muppet Show!

It’s the Muppet Show!

Unravelling the legal aftermath of Mark Stone’s riding calamities. Cindy buys her man a fancy new helmet cam little realising it would only get Mark into more trouble than usual…

Bike Magazine Mark Stone No 39


It’s nice to scan through your filmed exploits, but only while it’s you doing the scanning. What seems fine to a biker can look damning to a non-biker, especially when they’re on a magistrates’ bench. Video can be seized by police if you crash. No speedo in shot? It’s simple to gauge speed by timing between points on the video. And while this may show that you were behaving at the time of the crash, it’s easy to rewind to what went on further back up the road. And please, don’t ride like a twat then upload footage to YouTube – you’ll soon get a knock at the door, your bike, computer, and camera all seized and you’ll be up for dangerous riding.

Gary Baldwin
Director of Rapid Training and accident investigator for the police


Mark has a perfect record of events, including the bad stuff. He thinks he’s cool, but the father in the wedding party sees an anonymous and threatening muppet. It’s worth considering what witnesses might say about you. Mark had been travelling at over double the speed limit, but any judge would find that at the moment of the collision he was riding lawfully.

Mark’s riding beforehand has no legal relevance. Without the video evidence. Mark would have had an unhelpful witness and a driver claiming that when he commenced his right turn the bike was not visible. As for the speeding, Mark has provided the magistrates with beautiful evidence.

Andrew Dalton
Senior partner with White Dalton Solicitors specialising in motorcycle-related claims

Bike Magazine No39 – It’s the Muppet Show!

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