Part of my job at White Dalton involves going to court and visiting clients. To do this sometimes requires me to take along bits of paperwork, files etc. Now whilst I love my 600RR, I didn’t want to destroy the smooth sleek lines with a whopping great big top box or rear panniers as they do nothing for the aerodynamics and more importantly nothing for my street cred. I’m riding an orange and black sports bike and street cred is what it’s all about.

I did some research into motorbike storage that has room for essential items plus a bit more but which looks discrete when on the rear seat of a bike and came across the Bagster Spider. I also didn’t want any extra plastic framework attached to the bike – something simple to add and remove. Long-time motorcyclist and colleague Chef recommended the manufacturer to me and he certainly came up trumps.

Fitting the bag was a breeze; it includes a universal fitting kit to suit most shapes and sizes of pillion seats. The elasticated strap fits under the seat and terminates in six metal hooks spaced out. The bag then sits on top of the pillion seat and attached to the hooks with either the supplied straps or elastic.

The bag itself is constructed from the normal nylon material and is made very well. I can see it surviving the usual day-to-day usage. The bag’s capacity is 15L, expandable to 23L if required – enough to fit a helmet inside. As you can see from the photos I have secured the zips on mine with a padlock and placed a combo lock around the straps so no-one can remove the whole bag from the bike. There are elastic straps inside the bag to keep everything in-place. It even includes straps to change it into a backpack which is very handy if I need to take it with me on foot somewhere.

All-in-all a very useful addition to the bike. Quick to install, useful amounts of space and most importantly of all it doesn’t look too out of place on the back of my Honda. I am thinking of getting away on the CBR600RR at some stage and have ordered myself a tank cover and tank bag to increase the amount of storage available. Watch this space for an upcoming review.

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