London’s Helicopter Emergency Medical Service is run by the London’s Air Ambulance (LAA) charity and serves the 10 million people within the M25. Established in 1989 the team operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week attending time critical and life threatening situations ranging from road traffic accidents, industrial accidents and injuries on the rail network.

LAA can provide rapid response to injuries and has a global reputation for pioneering and exacting standards with procedures ranging from pre-hospital anaesthesia to open heart surgery at the roadside.

The helicopter serves the capital during daylight hours and when it is offline, a fleet of six Skoda Octavias take over the role of providing quick response. The cars are equipped with a substantial range of life saving equipment and have a senior trauma doctor and a specially trained paramedic on-board. The cars have blue lights and hi-vis strips so they can be clearly identified as emergency response vehicles and the drivers under go rigorous training under blue light conditions.

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