With the ECU light remaining stubbornly on for my short ride into work. The first time this happened I took it into Palmers Triumph in Hemel Hempstead, as the dealer I bought it from. OnyerTriumph is now sadly no longer trading.

The technician there ran it through the diagnostics and said that the throttle butterfly had stuck momentarily but the engine management stops the bike re firing up for a period and then the ECU stays on for at leat 10 start up cycles. He also said “Take it easy if the ECU light is on, because the bike can go into limp home mode and you don’t want that kicking in when you are pushing out of a corner on acceleration” – I didn’t buy a 1200cc bike to ride it like a scooter.

Anyway I have written to Triumph to see if they can sort it oit, but if anyone else is having these ECU problems I’d be interested to hear. on Buckinghamshires greasy rural roads, complete with desnse patchy fog, riding gently is something I would be doing anyway but I don’t want to ride like that all the time.