The performance on the Explorer was I have to say outstanding with a smooth revving engine. There was no sense of a power band, just turbine and it had less of an urgent feel to it but more of a sensation of speed. Depending on how you like your bikes will determine your choice in adventure tourer and I prefer a rapid but levelled and unruffled progress rather than the urgent and insistent assault that some of the sporty thoroughbred adventure tourers have.

Some may call this a bland ride but that’s the type of motorcycle I prefer. This is after all a motorbike I will be using to travel to and from court on and I would like to get to my destination feeling relaxed and ready to do my job rather than having just been kicked in the backside.

Photos of the Tiger Explorer test bike I rode are on this post. I am sure I will be posting more experiences of the Triumph Explorer as I start putting the miles on the bike. If you are already an Triumph Explorer owner we would love to hear about your experiences of how the bike compares to other motorcycles you have owned and what you like and dislike about the Explorer. Also see my adventure tourer comparison – the Triumph Tiger Explorer back to back with the Ducati Multistrada, Honda Crosstourer and BMW R1200 GS.

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