UPDATE 25 May 2012: Gavin has just passed his Module 1 test – well done!

Gavin has taken his CBT and passed so is now looking to do the £100 restricted bike licence course test himself rather than do the week long £700 direct access course. That has met with a mixed response – the more experienced riders reckoning Gav should go for direct access, the newer riders saying the restricted A class route. He pulled up this morning in his new white Yamaha R125 and is firmly bitten by the bug.

Like all the newbies at White Dalton he has had all kinds of advice about what sort of bike he should get for his 30 mile cross country commute – of mostly single carriageway A roads. Gav is a fairly tall guy of 6 feet.

Obviously when we get a new bike here at White Dalton everyone wants to have a go and the comments that came back after a quick spin around the car park ranged from “all show and no go”, “I just want to pick it up and cuddle it” to Andrew wanting to borrow it to relive his youth and hang about the chip shop on it.

It does have big bike looks and with an incredibly large turning circle, big bike feel as well. Both John and Andrew thought the bike was physically larger than John’s Ducati, with a way bigger turning circle than Andrew’s Mutley Strudel. Stay tuned for a more objective review of how the bike feels. Photos of his YZF-R125 below. Martyn is trying to come up with a name for Gavin’s YZF-R125, but were not sure he is the best person after he named his Fazer “Razer” – if you can think of a name drop us a comment below

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