The package can include use of the school’s kit; leathers, boots, Arai helmet, gloves but you are free to use your own kit – you must use either one-piece or two-piece leathers which zip together, and an approved helmet. Obviously if you do use your own kit it needs to be in good condition otherwise it just isn’t going to work if things go a bit wrong.

The costs for the Premier course include use of a 2011 Honda CBR 600RR fitted with ABS. Two students get to share an instructor; these guys are good and have an uncanny knack of working you out in about 5 minutes. If you elect for the Elite course then you get to zip around on the latest model Honda CBR1000RR FIreblade – I have one of these and can testify that they are truly brilliant machines – and have one-to-one tuition from an instructor and full telemetry readings to see exactly what you are doing. I would recommend that you do the Premier course before moving up to the Elite as you will benefit more.

The course is very well run and after signing in and kitting up you will have a 20 minute briefing from one of Ron’s qualified instructors running through safety (taken very seriously) what the flags mean, the layout of the circuit showing the correct lines, braking points, tipping in points etc.. They will also advise you how best to approach the first session to put any track novices minds to rest.

The School normally runs two groups so whilst the first group are having fun and getting to know the track the second group have further tuition for their allocated instructors. Once the first group have completed their first stint on track then the second group take the bikes out – on nicely warmed up tyres – whilst the first group have a debrief and get yet more tips as to how to improve their riding.

The day consists of three track session for each group on the Southern/International Silverstone Circuit with the pace increasing with each session on the track. Rest assured though the instructors really do know what they are doing and will make sure that whilst they stretch your comfort zone they will not pass beyond it making things dangerous.

The end of the course sees a relaxed group debrief over a chilled energy drink – trust me you will need it – with feedback given from the instructors, a score chart to take down the pub giving you bragging rights and a nice certificate to take home. There is a shop to buy T-shirts and other clothing to remember your day and a café. Families can also look out onto the track from a number of viewpoints so they can see their own track heroes in action.

The whole day is brilliant – I have a third session booked already – and is a really good way for ‘track virgins’ to break themselves into track riding in a fun, informative and safe way. For those more used to the track the instructors will still find a way of improving your riding and pushing you a bit further each time.

Ann is generally around, as is Ron and Leon – and quite often other well know faces from racing as well as celeb bikers – you can normally see Ron and Leon either hanging around in the pits or blasting around the track – why do they make it look so easy.

All I can say is get out there and give it a go – everyone will learn from the School and have a damn good time whilst they are at it. You will learn something and it will improve your riding so there really are no excuses.

Safe riding to everyone and do let us know how you get on if you do go to the School by adding your comment below

Paul Henry

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