For the sharp eyed amongst you, you may have noticed that we have changed our team photograph on the main web site. Yes that is me sitting astride a yellow BMW GS 800 (John’s second bike – thanks John) and not on my ‘Blade. Sadly a back injury has meant I have hardly ridden my bike this year but I am hopeful I will be fixed over the winter and I should be fit and able for next summer.

I did go for a blast on Andrew’s Ducati ‘Multi-Strudle’ today though. Some of you may be aware that Andrew rode my ‘Blade earlier this year – and spent 2 weeks slagging it off as the worst bike he has ever ridden. I was hoping to do the same for his bike however – it is good (Don’t tell Andrew I said that). It is light on the move, tips in to corners with ease and goes like a good ‘un – the front end can get a bit flighty in Sport mode – and I am led to believe that it can lift the front wheel in 3rd gear just on the gas (not that I did that of course). The riding position really suited my ruined back and let me sit bolt upright without compromising the ride at all. All in all I was pleasantly surprised and can tell you that his never ending raving about his bike is justified – almost. I still prefer my ‘Blade but at least I could ride his bike – oh bring on a new back and next summer…

Actually, truth be told, the blasted thing broke down 2 miles up the road and the AA suggested I just burn it as they’re too much trouble. I had to massage it’s tank for 5 minutes and whisper sweet nothings into its air intakes before it would go again. Useless Italian Pre-madonna

Safe riding to you all