Brands Hatch race 1

Brands Hatch race 1

It was hard work but a lot of fun racing the streetfighter against the
1000s. I knew I’d slip back a bit from my grid position in the dry but I got
a good start and pushed hard. I finished 10th, which I’m pleased with,
having been passed in a straight line by two 1000s on the last lap. The bike
that mugged me on the line was a £15k, 200bhp ZX-10R, so no shame in that
for me and probably a big relief for him.
The lap times weren’t as quick as I’d hoped but there are plenty of factors
working against me this weekend, not least the viral infection that I’ve
been stuck with for two weeks. I’ve got some ideas to improve the set-up
tomorrow but whatever happens it’ll be fun.

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Posted by John. Last modified: September 17, 2011 at 12:00 am

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