Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never

Well after a pretty poor summer with way too much miserable rain, it appears that we finally might be granted some decent riding time!
It started last week, which had great weather for being out on the bike.
Having been in sunnier climes for a long weekend I was being a pansie and feeling the cold somewhat on my return to blighty, so went out on Tuesday in full leathers with a jumper underneath and a fleece neckie, but the skies were clear and so were the roads: Winner! It was warm enough to use light gloves still, but with the heated grips turned on for a small portion of the journey when the winds were a bit high. You know what they say … there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad kit! Unfortunately, having stayed at the office later than expected I discovered that Autumn truly has set in and it got dark surprisingly quickly, leaving me riding home down the M1 with my dark visor fully open. Ouch. 😯
But, (I’d like to think) I am a pretty fast learner, and before heading out on Thursday I swapped my visor back to clear for the Winter (note to self: I really must check out those vari-tint visors). The day was a bit warmer than earlier in the week, so I was able to wear my draggin jeans with leather jacket, which was a nice change. I do really like the jeans I have in terms of comfort and style, and they are great for shorter journeys. Anything too much over an hour, or with too much slow riding, however, and my bike does start to burn my legs through the jeans whereas leathers offer much better protection from this. Don’t know if this is a daytona-related phenomenon? I’ve never had it with other bikes. Anyway, not entirely trusting the English weather I admit I did carry some waterproof troos in my rucksack, but they were thankfully not needed at all.
Then Friday was another fantastic day! Not as sunny, granted, but still bright and clear and for some reason again the traffic was so light I was able to really enjoy the rides to and from work.
Forecast for this week coming is positive too 🙂
It’s starting to look like I will be able to get a good number of rides in before I retire the lovely daytona to a garage for the winter. Judging from the December snowfall this last couple of years, I am thinking late November as a cut-off point.
So here’s hoping for that Indian Summer!

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