Snetterton race 1

Snetterton race 1

Rain stops play!
Heavy rain showers caused delays throughout today and when the GP1 race
finally started it was straight into a rain storm of biblical proportions.
After two laps the track was so flooded that the race had to be stopped
until the rain subsided and the standing water could be brushed clear.
At the restart I was baulked a bit and then got swamped. It took me a few
laps to get going but when I did I started to catch people ahead quite
quickly. On the last lap I could see two bikes coming to me and pushed hard
to reach them and was right there into the last corner. I tried to get
better drive but their bikes were equally fast and we crossed the line
covered by 0.2s.
It turned out that the second bike ahead of me was the third Superstocker so
I missed out on a podium by a fraction of a second. The results sheet says I
was fouth in class and eighth overall. But it also says that I had the third
fastest best lap, better than the winner’s and well over 2s faster than the
riders I was catching right at the end.
It’s gutting to miss out on the podium by so little but great to know that I
had really good pace. I guess I should have pulled my finger out a bit

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