AGV Stealth SV review

AGV Stealth SV review

I have now done about 500 miles in the new AGV Stealth SV, in matt black, badged Ducati (have I become a Ducatesti? I fear so) and have ridden in it enough to form some early views. The drop down visor is really useful, and means I don’t have to cart around a spare visor. It is neither as comfortable or as quiet as the Shoei Qwest but it is cheaper and has the internal sun visor. I think the comfort is purely personal. If my head was a different shape then I am sure it would be comfortable. I am not totally sure the helmet has broken in, and the discomfort compared to the Shoei is marginal. That drop down visor is great. I have an autocom headset in both lids, and both take it well, but the wind noise of the AGV is materially louder than the Qwest. I now have put my custom ear phones into the AGV and this improves the Autocom performance.  My helmet of choice still remains the Qwest, but for in and out days or if I expect to be coming home in the dark I take the AGV. If I am spending all day in the saddle, I’ll carry a spare visor and take the Qwest.  However the Stealth still is a good helmet and in my experience massively better than the Schuberth c3, and a lot quieter than the Caberg flip up lids, which I still quite like. The fixings on the AGV do not feel as robust as the Shoei but the easy removal of the sun visor makes keeping the AGV visor clean a doddle. So basically the AGV is a good, well priced lid. If I was not riding it back to back with the exceptionally quiet and comfy Qwest I would be really pleased with it.

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