Riding my 1st RBLR 1000 miles

Riding my 1st RBLR 1000 miles

I had very mixed emotions prior to completing this challenge. On the one hand I was very nervous as I have never completed more than 150 miles in one go on the Bandit.

On the other hand I knew I was riding for a very deserving charity, and I had raised a substantial sum of money which filled me with determination. Thanks to all who sponsored me.

Being a newbie to the RBLR1000 I do have a few points to those of you out there who are considering such a challenge for the first time as I was.

Firstly, do not hesitate. I can honestly say this was the best thing I have ever done on two wheels.

Secondly, try and ride with someone who has completed the RBLR1000 before. I rode with Chef who is almost a veteran of the challenge, completing the ride three times (two really but I will not comment on that any further – I value my job too much!).

Having someone who knows when to stop and rest, relevant points to fill up and to change into warmer clothes and kit at the appropriate time, makes the whole journey that little easier and more comfortable.

Lastly and probably the best advice that I was given was by one of Cheffy’s previous clients, is enjoy it, ride sensibly at your own pace and take in the stunning views.

Chef and I did route A North Clockwise. The ride through Loch Lomond was breath taking, it took us approximately 3 hours to cover 90 miles in that section because I wanted to stop and admire the beautiful scenery.

I am definitely sold on the RBLR1000, an epic ride for a remarkable charity. I will be there next year without a shadow of a doubt.

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