Cadwell Park, rd4

Cadwell Park, rd4

I won’t be at Cadwell this weekend as I’m using it as my drop round. This
year each class goes to 10 out of 11 events, but only nine count for the
championship. If you have more cash than Man City then you could do all 10
and drop your worst score but the original idea from Thundersport is to let
people drop a round that’s furthest away or clashes with a family wedding
etc. Cadwell Park is one of the furthest from Bath and it’s deadline week at
work again meaning more painfully long hours, plus it’s a bank holiday so
‘the missus’ would be at home for three days and probably baking non-stop. I
love da cake as much as anyone but there’s only so many tachycardia-inducing
sugar rushes a guy can take.
The following round at Mallory is the one that my class misses, so I’m next
out at Snetterton 15-17 July.

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