Anglesey practice and preview

Anglesey practice and preview

One week after the royal wedding, Anglesey – new home of the Duke and
Duchess – is about a million times more famous than it was the week before.
Prince William owns a Ducati 1198 so perhaps he has ideas of a few trackdays
between duties at the island’s Royal Navy search and rescue base.
Today was practice day for the third round of the ThundersportGB
championship. Luckily, and in contrast to the forecast, we had a sunny day
and I got some useful riding time. I’m still learning the new bike and made
another good step with the settings today.
The times were’t great but I think there’s plenty more to come as I was
using old tyres. In fact, check out the picture below and spot what’s
missing. See it? The tread on one side is completely worn away. To the
credit of the Bridgestone BT-R10s, it was still rideable and as grippy as a
sports road tyre even if the performance had dropped off.
There are several riders from the British championship here this weekend so
it looks like being a hard weekend again. Hopefully that will also mean lots
of exciting racing.


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