After a bit of ebay searching I decided on a Powerbronze black rear hugger with gold vents.  I know it was a little “bling” but what the heck – I had bought a massive black bike with 4 headlights and gold wheels – why not have gold vents on the hugger???

I haven’t fitted a hugger since my old 600 Bandit back in the day. I was expecting a faff with brackets that didn’t quite match or holes that didn’t quite line up.  However the Powerbronze rear hugger was spot on.

Early on Sunday morning I was up and outside. The chain guard was off in seconds and quickly followed by a bracket that guides the rear brake line.  After adding one bracket and 5 bolts the hugger was on. Simple as that. It lined up easily and unlike the old huggers of yesteryear this one left a lot more space between the tyre and the hugger so if a stone is picked up it doesn’t scrape the inside.

So I have had it on for a couple of weeks and it has stopped all the rubbish flying oit up and caking the rear shock and engine. A good investment in my books!

Andrew Prendergast a.k.a Chef

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