Bikers in Paradise 2011

Bikers in Paradise 2011

I hope you are all out there enjoying what has been a relatively warm and dry spring and getting the most out of your bikes.

It was time to take the Great White Whale on the road again on Sunday and I was joined by Jo for the Bikers in Paradise show at Broxbourne Wildlife Park. Again we were blessed with good weather, which was fortunate and also becoming a bit of a habit for this show. It was certainly better than the weather we all endured at the BMF Tail End show last year – I am still trying to cure trench foot from that one. There was a pretty good turn out again and a quick stroll through the bike park showed bikes of absolutely every make and style you can imagine.

Once again we both met some lovely people and it was great to catch up with a couple of current clients and their families – you know who you – It is always nice to meet up in the flesh and have a chat over a brew.

Sparky the stunt rider put on a great show in the ring showing off his stunt skills and the Shaolin Monks put in another appearance. Attached are a few pics (not very good ones I am afraid) of the show.

Hopefully will catch up with some of you at other shows later in the year.

In the meantime safe riding – keep it shiny side up.

P.S. has anyone ever seen a motorbike with remote central locking? We did at Broxbourne on a BMW, now that’s a first!

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