It is now my absolute lid of choice, and takes an autocom brilliantly, is at least as quiet as the C3 and my visor is happily up at 3 figure speeds. It is not a cheap helmet but a good value lid. I am very careful about my crash helmets, and look for certain design parts as I have seen too many cases were helmets come off with the rider havng done the strap up. Women seem especially vulnerable to this as the jaw on a female rider is usually smaller than her male counterpart. Long hair also seems to be a factor. I look for a strap that sits close to the throat.

My only minor gripe about the Qwest is that I have to do a slightly deeper over shoulder “life saver” than some other lids. As for noise and comfort this is a good lid. However it does need its pinlock visor as it does mist up without one. And the Raid 2 visor and Pinlock does not fit.