Rd1 reflection

Rd1 reflection

During the three-hour drive home, while listening to some favourite music, I
had something of an epiphany. I realised that I’d really enjoyed the last
race, battling hard for postition, wrestling the bike, and that it only lost
its sheen when I saw on the sheet that I hadn’t lapped any faster. But the
important thing was that I *had* really enjoyed it.
Winning is addictive and during the previous two seasons I’ve been able to
gorge myself in the Streetfighter class. I moved to Superstock1000 to test
myself and it was never going to be easy. Of course, to go from winning to
scrapping to stay in the top five can be hard to swallow and I don’t mind
admitting to some low moments over the weekend. But I’ve remembered why I
race in the first place and why I love big, powerful bikes.
Basically, I’ve got over not winning like I used to and I’m going to relish
the rest of the season a lot more and do the best I can. Sincerest thanks
for your support.

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