Mark was obviously well behaved during 2010 as his number came up in the week between Christmas and New Year. To win the bike has obviously made Mark’s year, as can be seen from the rather embarrassing photo of him and the card below! He is a newly trained ambulance driver for East midlands Ambulance Service and is looking to take the paramedic course.


He is a keen green laner, and has a fair few bikes already, including a Triumph T595, an old XT250 and a XR400 (which recently blew up and is in bits in the garage). He plans to keep the KLX250 for a while and have some fun with it.

Mark has been checking his cards religiously since we started the prize draw back in 2005 and reckons he has about 15 cards collected from the various shows that we do, even picking discarded cards up off the floor. He may have missed a couple of weeks but finds the weekly email newsletter gives him a good reminder to check the numbers.

We still have the black KLX250 left and will be replacing the green bike soon, watch this space!