Zone Products CNC discs

Zone Products CNC discs

You may not be surprised to hear that aftermarket discs outperformed the OE discs, delivering more braking power and better feel in combination with my favourite Performance Friction PFC95 pads.

You will definitely be surprised to hear that the Zone discs are only £99 each for the front and £49 for the rear. They used to be sold as affordable service items but they’ve now proved themselves as geuine race parts. In three seasons, I’ve never warped a set and I’ve very rarely been outbraked. They require virtually no bedding in and they’ve worked very well with a number of different pads. The front discs are fully floating but with sprung rivets that don’t rattle like
cutlery in a tumbledryer, so pedestrians won’t think your bike is falling apart as you ride to work. Zone are on 0247 6621107.

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