I’m 6’6″ tall, most of which is legs. I have a CBR125 and I have to sit on the back seat to ride the bike. I’m sure this makes the bike handle a bit differently than it should, but once I have passed my test, I will probably get a 400 or 600cc sportsbike. My question is: Am I legal to ride a bike where I have to sit virtually fully on the pillion seat?

‘Little’ Dave, Essex

I don’t see any legal problems, although I certainly see some issues about you getting size 14 boots and trousers long enough to fit your legs! If you can reach the controls you are, therefore, in control. If, for example, you can’t change gear or operate the rear brake pedal, then you might be found not to be in proper control of your machine. But if you pass your test with the DSA then it’s clear that your riding is not affected, and that you are not too tall to ride.

Andrew Dalton

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